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Qiao Chen
Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry (Chemistry)
T: +44 (0)1273 678492 or +44 (0)1273 873189


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Dr. Chen Lab website or Qiao Chen's research website

My long term research interests are on the nanochemistry and nanotechnology. I will focus on the properties and application of chiral surfaces and in particular on oxide thin films. Applications include heterogeneous asymmetry catalysts and biomolecular sensors.


The application of nanotechnology to biosensor design and fabrication promises to revolutionize diagnostics and therapy at the molecular and cellular level. This research aims to develop medical, biological and chemical sensors with optoelectronic devices on nano meter scale. The project will involve the synthesis and chemical modification of quantum dots, nano wires and nano tubes. Transistors will be built using e-beam lithograph with those chemical active nano materials. The electronic conductivity of the devices will be monitored as the changing of its chemical and biological environment. This project will use state of the art nanoscience facilities including scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy.