Research in Progress

1. Teacher turnover: does it matter for student attainment? (with Steve Gibbons (LSE) and Vincenzo Scrutinio (LSE)) - submitted.

2. Does head-teacher training improve student performance? Evidence from an intervention in England (with Vincenzo Scrutinio (LSE)), mimeo.

3. Leadership wages and performance in schools (with Tim Besley (LSE) and Steve Machin (LSE))

4. The impact of religion ban on economic prosperity (with Richard Murphy (UT Austin)

5. Privatisation and Productivity Growth: Evidence from India (with Chari Amalavoyal (Sussex) and Alan Winters (Sussex)

6. Wage inequality in the public sector (with Steve Machin (LSE) and Vincenzo Scrutinio (LSE)) 

7. The rise of the "super-head": Salary differentals in academy schools (with Steve Machin (LSE) and Andy Eyles (LSE)) 

8. Compensating Differentials  (with Esteban Aucejo (Arizona State) and Vincenzo Scrutinio (LSE))