Tim Hopkins' research is focussed on some uses of digital media in relation to opera, in particular various kinds of intermedial relationships made possible by recent technology.

His three research topics explore different configurations of opera, theatre, music, contemporary theatre making, mediation and remediation, in the context of three themes.

1  TV Opera looks at aesthetic and practical issues surrounding the translation of performance form one medium to another.

The Lost Chord (the title of a work by Arthur Sullivan) reflects on the current transformation of the world by technology through reimagining an historic parallel experience, and its effects on the Victorian creative imagination.

3  Give me your blessing for I go to a Foreign Land takes its title from the text of Stravinsky's 1923 Ballet Cantata Les Noces, a vision of the world seen in an image of Russian village peasant wedding rituals.  It considers how art has appeared to respond to technogical transformation.  It uses a variety of performance modes to stage images of migration between different cultural, historical or geographical registers, and instigating processes of decontextualision - for example by exposing Folk singing to its remediation in Opera, and, reversing the polarity, whereby opera material is rendered back into folk song.*

The public presentation phase of each research project has been developed in partnership with external producers: 1 (ongoing) wth Aldeburgh Music, 2 (presented in 2010) with Opera North in Leeds and London, 3 (presented in 2009) with The Royal Opera through ROH2 and Opera Genesis.

* 3 involves ongoing collaboration with the composer Elena Langer, and performers from the Moscow-based Prokrovsky Ensemble.