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Claudio Alonso
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology (Neuroscience)
T: +44 (0)1273 876621


Work in the Alonso Lab investigates the molecular mechanisms controlling gene function during animal development. In particular, we seek to define the mechanisms and roles of RNA regulation within the genetic programs that underly the formation of complex tissues, such as the nervous system. 

Over the last several years the lab has studied the function and regulation of a specific group of genes, the Hox genes, which encode an evolutionary conserved family of transcriptional regulators required for the correct head-to-tail patterning of animal bodies. We are currently using our close understanding of the Hox system to study: (i) the molecular mechanisms underlying alternative splicing, alternative polyadenylation, mRNA degradation and microRNA regulation in vivo, and (ii) the ways these RNA regulatory processes are linked to specific biological functions during neural development.


The Alonso Lab

My lab is driven by an international group of talented PhD students and post-docs with diverse backgrounds ranging from pure biochemistry to developmental genetics, population biology and computer science. The common denominator across all members of the group is our strong commitment to understand how gene activity is molecularly controlled within the physiological context of development and how gene regulatory programs flower out to form complex tissues such as the brain.

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