Terrorism, International Legal Framework for Countering Transnational Terrorism and the Financing of Terrorism, Transnational Organised Crime, Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Law of Jurisdiction, Immunities from Criminal Jurisdiction, International Humanitarian Law (Laws of War), International Human Rights Law, Piracy, International Crimes (such as War Crimes and Aggression), International Courts and Tribunals, History of International Law.

PhD supervision: Matt is keen to supervise students who intend to focus on any aspect of the above areas.


Current PhD supervision:

Emre Senbabaoglu (expected completion 2021)


Selected Presentations:

Invited guest spekaer: 'Time for Codification of Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction in UK Domestic Law', British Institute of International and Comparative Law (co-organised by University of Sussex), 14 September 2017 (

Invited guest speaker: 'The Development and Meaning of "Universal Jurisdiction": Time to Rethink a Hollow Concept?', The Centre for Law, Policy and Society, University of Southampton, 22 March 2017. 

Invited expert participant: United Nations High-Level Expert Group Meeting, Education for Justice (University Education), Vienna, 8-9 March 2017.

Legislation and the Role of the Judiciary: Interpreting the Extraterritorial Scope of Domestic Criminal Laws Based on a Customary Rule of "Universal Criminal Jurisdiction", Society of Legal Scholars Association, University of Oxford, 6-9 September 2016.

Invited guest speaker- 'The existence of a crime of ‘aggression’ and its punishment based on ‘universal jurisdiction’ under customary international law: perceived orthodoxies and historical realities of the Nuremberg legacy 70 years on?', International Conference, The Nuremberg Legacy and Progressive Development of Criminal Law, School of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation, 27 April 2016. Funded by the School of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Invited guest speaker - 'Navigating the Debate on Universal Criminal Jurisdiction at the Sixth Committee: The Need for an Empirical Assessment?', The Ghandhi Research Seminar Series, School of Law, University of Reading, 2 March 2016.

Invited guest speaker - British Influences on International Law, 'The British Influence on the Development of the Laws of War and the Punishment of War Criminals: From the Grotius Society to the United Nations War Crimes Commission', British Institute of International and Comparative Law, UK, 1 December 2015 (

Making International Custom More Tangible Conference, 'The Invocation of a Customary Rule of Universal Jurisdiction by the International Community in Response to the Problem of Somali Piracy: The Need for a More Rigorous Approach to International Law Making’, University of Hull, McCoubrey Centre for International Law, 2-3 July 2015.

Fifth Maritime Law & Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference, ‘The Response by the International Community to Somali Piracy: Universality or Collective Protective Principle Jurisdiction Par Excellence?’, London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Research Group, 4 April 2014.

University of Portsmouth Research Knowledge and Exchange Conference, ‘The Suppression of Piracy: Protecting Vital Economic Interests and the False Foundations of Universal Jurisdiction’, 25 June 2013.

Rights and Responsibilities: Global Perspectives Conference, ‘Reconceptualising International Criminal Law and its Role within the International Community’, Sussex Law School, School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex, 14 June 2012.

Society of Legal Scholars Association, ‘Protective Principle Jurisdiction over War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity’, University of Sussex, 12-14 April 2011.

Undertaking Respectful Research Doctoral Research Conference, 'Research Ethics and Methods', School of Education, University of Sussex, 24 June 2009.