Within the undergraduate Geography curriculum, I convene and teach:

Level-2 option 'Dubai Field Class'

Level-3 option 'Home'

Level-3 Geography Thesis supervision of Human Geography students on themes relating to socio-cultural and feminist geographies.




Current PhD Supervision: 

Yvonne Salt (2013, part-time): Materialities and narratives of love migration

Behnoosh Amandi (2013-): British-Iranian belonging in the UK

Julius Baker (2014, ESRC-funded): Lived experiences of integration 

Colleen McNeil-Walsh (2015-) Later-life career migrants in Abu Dhabi

Farid Miah (2015-): VFR mobilities of the British Bangladeshi Diaspora in London


PhD students recently completed:

Idil Akinci (2014, UoS Chancellor's Scholarship): Being Emirati: National identity construction among young Dubai citizens and second-generation Arab migrants in Dubai. 

Nabeela Ahmed (2018): Mobile people, immobile structures: A study of internal migrant access to state social protection in India

Amy Clarke (2017, ESRC-funded): National Lives, Local Voices: boundaries, hierarchies and possibilities of belonging across the London-Essex border.

Dora Sampaio (2017, FCT-funded) 'Ageing on the edge': later-life migration in the Azores.

Katie Wright-Higgins (2016, ESRC-funded): British Migrants’ Embodied Experience of Migration in Aotearoa New Zealand. Now at: Keele University.

Elisa Pascucci (2014, ESRC-funded): 'Beyond depoliticization and resitance: refugees, humanitarianism, and political agency in Cairo'. Now at: University of Tampere.

Debbie Humphry (2014, ESRC-funded): Belonging and integration: a visual and participative analysis'.

Barbara Johnston (2014): 'Becoming Ma'am? Expatriate women's relationships with domestic workers in Singapore'.

Maria Abranches (2013, FCT-funded): The route of the land's roots: connecting life-worlds between Guinea-Bissau and Portugal through food-related meanings and practices. Now at: University of East Anglia.

Gunjan Sondhi (2013): Gendering International Student Mobility: An Indian Case Study

Donna Simpson (2011, ESRC-funded): 'Salads, Sweat and Status: Migrant Workers in UK horticulture'.

Lena Nare (2009): 'Making Homes and Keeping Households - The Moral Economies of Migrant Domestic Work in Naples'. Now at: University of Helsinki, Finland.