PhD Students 

  1. S. Bond (2015-)
  2. G. Simpson (2014-)
  3. G. Morrison (2014-)
  4. S. Day (2017): Geometric and Analytic aspects of Harmonic Mapping Problems and Related Topics. 
  5. C. Morris (2017): Mapping Problems in the Calculus of Variations: Incompressible Twists, Local Minimisers and Vectorial Symmetrisation. 
  6. R. Awonusika (2016): Harmonic Analysis on Riemmanian Manifolds: Trace Formulae and Integral Representations. 
  7. L. Farsani (2016): Geometry in the Space of Matrices and Quasiconvexification of Distance Functions. 
  8. A. Abolarinwa (2014): Analysis of Eigenvalues and Conjugate Heat Kernel Under the Ricci Flow. 
  9. M.S. Shahrokhi-Dehkordi (2011): Topological Methods for Extremals and Strong Local Minimisers of the Multiple Integrals of the Calculus of Variations.