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Kevin Gray
Reader in International Relations (International Relations)
Key areas: global political economy, East Asia, labour
T: +44 (0)1273 678947


My research interests broadly cover the area of International Political Economy with a regional focus on East Asia. I have recently publisheda research monograph titled "Labour and Development in East Asia: Social Forces and Passive Revoltion." This monograph examines the dynamic interaction between social forces, geopolitics and development in the East Asian region (in particular, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China).' I am interested in the relationship between rising powers and the future of global governance as well as South-South Cooperation. I am now engaged in a new research project that ties these broad themes together to understand the historical trajectory of North Korean economic development, seeking to explain the relative stagnation of industrialisation and the failure of attempts at economic reform in the DPRK with reference to the framework of the social forces-geopolitics nexus that I have developed in my earlier work. In theoretical terms, I have interests in Gramscian theories of International Political Economy, and how such theories explain late development and processes of modern state formation.