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Anna Stavrianakis
Senior Lecturer in International Relations (International Relations)
Key areas:Global civil society, NGOs in world politics, the arms trade, military globalisation
T: +44 (0)1273 877835


My main areas of research are the arms trade, arms control and militarism. I write about UK, EU and international arms transfer controls - most recently, I have published articles analysing the UN Arms Trade Treaty, an internationally legally binding treaty regulating arms transfers. 

I am also interested in militarism as a concept and practice. In 2012 I co-edited a volume on Militarism and IR with Sussex colleague Jan Selby; a short version of some of the ideas in the introduction to this are in the 2015 Interational Encyclopaedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition. I am currently co-editing a special issue of Security Dialogue entitled "Militarism and Security: Dialogue, possibilities, limits." 

Prior to this, my work focused on the goals, strategies and effects of NGO campaigning on the arms trade - see Taking Aim at the Arms Trade: NGOS, Global Civil Society and the World Military Order and a series of related articles.

I welcome applications for PhD supervision in areas related to the arms trade, arms control, militarism, militarisation, and war and violence in international politics.



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