Photo of Jane Oakhill

Jane Oakhill
Professor of Experimental Psychology (Psychology)
T: +44 (0)1273 678418


I have worked on various research projects (including deductive reasoning in children and adults, circadian variations in human performance, and adult language comprehension) but have always maintained a research interest in children’s reading comprehension (in particular, individual differences).  I have published widely (including about 90 refereed journal articles and have co-authored or edited nine books).  My books in the area of reading and comprehension include: Becoming a Skilled Reader, with Alan Garnham, Children's Problems in Text Comprehension, with Nicola Yuill, Reading Comprehension Difficulties: Processes and Remediation, with Cesare Cornoldi, Reading development and the teaching of reading: A psychological perspective, with Roger Beard and Children’s comprehension problems in oral and written language, with Kate Cain.  In the area of thinking and reasoning, I published a textbook: Thinking and Reasoning, co-authored with Alan Garnham.