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Mario Novelli
Professor Of The Political Economy Of Education (Education)
T: +44 (0)1273 678639


Education and Conflict

Since 2006 I have been working on a series of research pieces on education and conflict. I am particularly interested in exploring critical interdisciplinary approaches to researching education and conflict. I have carried out research on issues related to political violence against educators and academics in Colombia; the implications of the increased securitisation of aid policy and practice to education in conflict affected states since 9/11, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan; the role of education in peacebuilding processes; and the geopolitics of aid to education.

Education and Labour Movements

A second area of great interest to me is the way social movements and trade union organisations have learnt to develop new strategies and radical pedagogies to cope with the increasingly globalised nature of power and production in the contemporary world. My doctoral thesis concerned the way anti-privatisation movements in Colombia were learning to challenge neoliberal reforms on a range of geographical scales from the local to the global, and I  co-authored a book with an Indian academic and labour movement educator that explores a range of international cases of labour movement learning: Novelli, M & Ferus-Comelo, A(2010) Globalization, Knowledge and Labour: Education for Solidarity within Spaces of Resistance. London: Routledge.

The Global Governance of Education and International Development

This research line explores the changing nature of governance in the field of education and development, and particularly the way processes of globalisation have challenged and altered the functional and scalar division of the way education is currently governed. Drawing on the path breaking work of Roger Dale and Susan Robertson at the University of Bristol I am engaged in research that explores the way processes of globalisation are affecting education systems in low-income countries. In 2007 I was one of the lead researcher s on a two year research project which led to the publication of Robertson, S, Novelli, M, Dale R, Tikly, Dachi, H, Ndebela, A (2007) Education and Development In A Global Era (Vol II): Ideas, Actors And Dynamics In The Global Governance Of Education London: DFID, which has become influential in framing many of the discussions on these issues. In 2012 I co-authored a book with Verger, A; Novelli, M Altinyelken, H (2012) Global Education Policy and International Development:New Agendas, Issues and Policies. London: Bloomsbury


I would be happy to supervise doctoral students in any of these broad areas.