Dagmara has taught the following modules:

"Management of Innovation" (UG2, 2010/11- present) 
Students taking this module develop an understanding of the central features of the management of innovation at the operational level.

“Creativity and Innovation” (UG1 2014/15 and UG3 2015/16)
The module introduces concepts and tools related to creative problem solving, design thinking and innovation. Students engage in creative process to develop their own innovation ideas.

“Critical Perspectives on Organisation and Management” (UG3, 2014/15)
This module introduces students to a number of advanced topics in the field of organisation and management studies, drawing upon contemporary research in critical management studies.

"Knowledge, Work and Organization" (UG3, 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11)
This module looks at the pivotal role that knowledge workers play in the creation, application and diffusion of knowledge within and between firms.

 "Managing Intellectual Property" (PG level, 2011/12, 2012/13) 
This module allows students to develop understanding of issues related to the protection of intellectual assets, enforcement of intellectual property rights and various ways of commercial exploitation of intellectual property.

"Research Methods and Dissertation" (PG level, 2009/10)
This module aims to advance students’ understanding of academic research and to develop research-related skills.  It covers: defining research problem, undertaking literature review, research design, sampling, ethical considerations, data collection, data analysis and writing a dissertation.