My lab is interested in proteins that promote crossing over during meiosis and mitosis.

 We have recently identified novel functions of crossover-promoting proteins Msh4-Msh5 and Zip1 in the segregation of chromosome pairs during the first meiotic division. The regulation of this process is particular important as defective segregation leads to birth defects and infertility in human. We are using budding yeast as a model system and this work is funded by the BBSRC and the MRC.


Mlh1 is a mismatch-repair protein that also promotes crossing over during meiosis. However, in mitotically-dividing cells, inactivation of Mlh1 and other mismatch repair proteins cause cells to display resistance to cis-platin, an anti-tumour drug. We are currently trying to understand how Mlh1 and other mismatch repair proteins sensitise cells to cis-platin. This work is funded by Cancer Research UK and the Royal Society.