Photo of Tim Foxon

Tim Foxon
Professor of Sustainability Transitions (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)
T: +44 (0)1273 877832


Current PhD students:

Claire Copeland - Net energy analysis: Implications for the economy and climate change (2012-20)

Chantal Naidoo - Financing transitions to low carbon development (2015-19)

Bryony Parrish - How might user engagement contribute to a low carbon transition in the UK? (2016-20)

Eleanor Drabik - The role of circular economy ideas in climate change mitigation (2018-2022) 

Lectures, seminars and dissertation supervision on MSc Energy Policy, Sustainable Development, Science and Technology PolicyStrategic Innovation Management and Climate Change, Development and Policy including

'Energy finance' for Introduction to Energy Policy

'Transition pathways for a UK low carbon electricity system' for Governing Energy Transitions

'Infrastructure business models and investment for sustainability' for Infrastructure, Innovation and Sustainability

Running and assessing seminars for Energy Policy and Sustainability, and Climate Change and Energy Policy modules