Photo of Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore
Professor of Biochemistry (Biochemistry)
T: +44 (0)1273 678479


1. Structure and function of the plant alternative oxidase studied by site-directed mutagenesis.

2. Overexpression and crystallisation of the plant and trypanasomal alternative oxidases from E. coli

3. The role of mtHSP70 in plant growth and development: the effect of overexpression in transgenic tobacco and rice.

The plant alternative oxidase is a respiratory enzyme that decreases the efficiency of mitochondrial energy conservation. The molecular structure and reaction mechanism of this mitochondrial inner-membrane protein are poorly understood. Our research, which is aimed at improving the structural understanding of the alternative oxidase, will contribute to the elucidation of the molecular basis of the energy metabolism of plants, clearly a key biological process. The fundamental knowledge that is gained by the project could very well find industrial application, since the alternative oxidase has been implicated as a potential target for both phytopathogenic fungicides and certain anti-parasitic pharmaceuticals. The rational design and development of such compounds will benefit through an enhanced molecular insight of alternative oxidase structure and catalysis. The research will utilise the facilities for advanced paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy at Queen Mary College (London), BBSRC funded crystallisation robot and crystal imagers at Imperial College and complement pre-existing research programmes on the structure and function of alternative oxidases in Sussex. Furthermore collaboration between the researchers at these Institutions will result in a greater understanding of the structure and substrate-binding site of these important but yet enigmatic enzymes.It is envisaged that research in these laboratories will give unique insights into the structure of this family of di-iron enzymes, lead to a detailed structural investigation of the alternative oxidases, and as indicated above, the results will be of interest to those in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries as these enzymes are found associated with a variety of different processes.