My research combines ideas and approaches from innovation studies and policy studies/political science to investigate the politics and governance of innovation for low carbon energy systems and sustainability transitions more generally. The research can be clustered into three themes:


1. The politics of socio-technical transitions towards sustainability

I am interested in the way political processes influence transitions towards sustainability. Recently I have been working on an ESRC-NWO funded project led by Dr Adrian Smith and Dr Rob Raven on 'The Politics of Low Carbon Innovation: Towards a Theory of Niche Protection' which was studying the development of PV, offshore wind and carbon capture and storage in the Netherlands and the UK. Also my PhD research on 'The politics of governing system innovations towards sustainable sustainable electricity systems' (Oct 2005-Sept 2009) analysed two policy initiatives which try to foster transitions towards sustainable energy systems in the UK and the Netherlands. In an recently completed FP7 project on accelerating sustainability transitions (ARTS) I led the analysis of local, bottum-up transition initiatives in the city of Brighton and Hove. I am also interested in the broader political economy aspects of socio-technical transitions.

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2. Low carbon innovation processes and innovation policy

I am interested in the processes of low carbon innovation, e.g. actor strategies, government policies and how these shape ongoing dynamics. An example of this work is the NERC funded UKERC project led by Dr. Jim Watson on 'Carbon Capture and Storage: realising the potential?'. I have also recently analysed the development of PV, offshore wind and carbon capture and storage technologies in the UK and the Netherlands as part of the ESRC-NWO project described above.

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3. Energy (innovation) policy and policy processes

I am also interested in the ways in which energy policy shapes developments in energy systems. For example work with Catherine Mitchell and Caroline Kuzemko has looked at the way the UK energy policy paradigm shapes current developments. I am also interested in the way policy mixes emerge and develop over time (and how they interact with socio-technical systems) and currently lead a cross-cutting project on policy mixes for low-energy innovation as part of the Centre for Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED).

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