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Quantum theory can have powerful applications due to the possibility of implementing new quantum technologies such as the quantum computer. While such a device could have very important commercial and national security applications due to the existence of quantum factoring algorithms, its realization would revolutionize modern day science by allowing true quantum simulations of systems that may be modeled classically only insufficiently due to an in-principle limitation of current computer technology. Recent developments in ion trapping technology show that it should be possible to build a quantum computer with trapped ions. My interest is to construct such a device. For this purpose my research focuses on applied experimental quantum information science, in particular the development of new scalable methods to build quantum computing architectures and the entanglement generation with multiple quantum bits. I am also very interested in developing quantum simulators, quantum sensors and portable quantum clocks. My previous research focused on quantum nonlinear dynamics and quantum chaos with cold atoms. Cold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates may be used to explore the quantum-classical transition. During time spend at NIST in Gaithersburg we demonstrated dynamical tunnelling with a Bose-Einstein condensate. Another area of interest consists of innovations in tertiary education, in particular, to make learning more effective.

A list of publications can be found here.