Fiona has designed, developed and delivered post graduate and undergraduate courses in natural resource management, environmental science and sustainable development.  Additional teaching related posts have included; Programme convenor MSc in Science and Technology for Sustainability (SPRU 2004); Senior Tutor for Women (Imperial College 2000-2004); Director of Student Support (BMEC, university of Sussex 2009-ongoing); External examiner for the MSc in Global Environmental Change and Policy, Imperial College London (2009-ongoing)

PhD Supervision.

She is currently (August 2010) supervising the following doctoral candidates:

Timothy Karpouzouglou - Interpreting expert-led notions of science and technology to address water quality in peri-urban areas

Hlonophile Simelane - The interplay of  land tenure systems in Swaziland – implications for upgrading of informal peri-urban settlements.

Anna Walyniki - Recognising the human right to water in Bolivia; implications for water rights and environmental integrity in peri-urban Cochabamba.

Jonathon Dolley - Sustainability, Resilience and Governance of an Urban Food System in China: A Case Study of Peri-Urban Wuhan.

Examples of Masters dissertation topics that I have supervised are as follows:

Public policy in environmental policy making: an analysis of links between participatory research and policy formulation.

Key factors in stakeholder participation and the environment: mapping the field.

Environmental health and urban agriculture;

Impacts and policy implications of pollution impacts on agriculture in India, Malaysia and Brazil;

Appropriate agricultural technologies and multi stakeholder dialogues.

Challenges for a sustainable development teaching agenda in universities

The 'greening' of Formula 1

Potential for upscaling low external input and organic agriculture

Opportunites and threats associated with urban and peri-urban agriculture

Setting the agenda and assessing the impacts of science and technology (agricultural and environmental) interventions in the south.

 Fiona  would like to hear from students with interests in related topics.