I research the consequences of people's group memberships and social identities within different socio-cultural contexts. I am currently focusing on the following topics:

  • Social identities as psychological barriers in education: what are the socio-cultural conditions that give rise to achievement gaps between social groups; how do identity processes contribute to these achievement gaps
  • The ‘social cure’ properties of group memberships: how do group memberships enhance wellbeing; why is it that they sometimes don't. 

Some of my current projects include:

  • Writing About Values: A school-based intervention to increase the attainment of underachieving pupils (funded by the Education Endowment Foundation)
  • Psychological barriers to higher education among first generation scholars (funded by the University of Sussex's Widening Participation team)
  • Encouraging blood donation by targeting identity motives (funded by the Richard Benjamin Trust)
  • The physical environment as a cue for social categorisation (funded by the University of Sussex's Research Development Fund)
  • Social identification and friendships among international students (with Nicolas Geeraert, University of Essex)
  • The social cure behind bars: Group memberships and wellbeing among prisoners (with Arabella Kyprianides)
  • Education, identification, and wellbeing (with Toon Kuppens, University of Groningen)