My core research interests centre around the representation of sight and sound and multi-modal perception: how we end up with very complex phenomenology from fairly humble beginnings at the eye and the ear, how we organise our memories for such experiences, and how the sensory systems compete and collaborate with one another (eg., Sandhu & Dyson, 2012; Wilbiks & Dyson, 2013a,b).

My research has also recently expanded into examining the links between Art and Psychology, particularly in the context of the resolution of perceptual ambiguity: do what extent do we enjoy being presented with an ambiguous stimulus and what are the processes in resolving the ambiguity (e.g., Dyson, 2010; Dyson & Cohen, 2010)? I have also recently completed a relatively large-scale project on art technique and embodied cognition (McLean, Want & Dyson, in press)

A new research stream for me is the examination of perception and cognition in Gaming. The strategies and structures of certain games can tell us much about the role of emotion, superstition and agency in both rational (and irrational) decision making. I’ve recently explored some of these issues using Rock, Paper, Scissors. I have also conducted a perceptual analysis of Rockband (Dyson, 2010) and have some other ideas bubbling away.

Finally, I record event-related potential (ERP) data to take a look ‘under the hood’ of cognition to help examine stage of human information processing that happen prior to responding (e.g., Dyson, 2011).  It seems that early ERPs provide a very strong index of future performance and I’m interested in pursuing these ideas, particularly in relation to maturation (Wilkinson, Yang & Dyson, 2013) and expertise (e.g., Sandhu & Dyson, 2012).

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