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Luke Martell
Teaching Fellow in Sociology (Sociology)
T: +44 (0)1273 678729


I'm a political sociologist interested in socialism, social alternatives, social democracy, global politics and social movements. I'm writing a book about socialism and social alternatives.

The Sociology of Globalization, 2010 (second edition 2017) covered: concepts and perspectives on globalisation; the history of globalisation; globalised media and culture; global migration; the global economy and global inequality; the nation-state and social democracy under globalisation; cosmopolitan democracy; the anti-globalisation movement; and American power and the rise of China.

I wrote New Labour, 1998, and Blair's Britain, 2002, with Stephen Driver. I co-edited Social Democracy: global and national perspectives, 2001, which looks at changes and national differences in social democracy, its relationship to Europe and globalisation, and criticisms and alternatives. The Third Way and Beyond: criticisms, futures, alternatives, co-edited, 2004, is about critical perspectives on the third way on issues like equality, the state and community.

Ecology and Society, 1994, looked at political and sociological dimensions of environmentalism. Topics covered include: ecology and industrialism; the sustainable society; green philosophy; the green movement; ecology and political theory; theories of society and nature; and the future of environmentalism.

My PhD thesis in the late 1980s was on socialism and associational democracy.