I am a post-doctoral researcher and teaching fellow in the School of Engineering and Informatics.

As part of my role, I regularly convey a range of core undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Engineering. I also supervise student projects and dissertations.

My research interests are varied and span several fields, including Human-Computer Interaction, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, and Technology-enhanced learning. For a long time, I have been working in areas related to the design of representational systems and interactive knowledge tools for complex domains; compositional modelling; computer graphics, as well as knowledge acquisition with diagrams.

My main ambition and motivation is the design of interactive Human-AI interfaces and systems, which aim to augment human cognitive abilities for complex problem-solving and knowledge discovery. I have previously worked on the design and implementation of visual interfaces for this purpose, now also exploring the area of voice interaction.

Currently, I am also contributing to a project that aims to develop novel tools for the study of haptic interaction. This research will provide new insights into the human perceptive and cognitive processes involved and develop methods for conveying information and facilitating problem-solving more effectively. As a result, better designs for tactile graphics can be developed that improve accessibility and utility for the visually impaired and beyond.


Co-founder and committee member of the University of Sussex Postdoc Network (