I convene Cultural Studies and teach courses in media, culture, creative industries and everyday life. Areas of special interest include life history, auto/biography, oral history and testimony, particularly in relation to the history of feminism and women's social movements, locally and globally, and Mass Observation. I have also taught contemporary culture, creative writing, critical theory, Women's Studies and Medical Humanities. 

I am happy to supervise research students in any of these fields and welcome proposals which involve creative as well as critical practice.

Current doctoral students theses:

British Women's Working-class Lives: Spaces of Restriction and Liberation through Autobiography

Variations: Transgender fiction, theory and practice

Women in Gated Communities in Saudi Arabia: A Visual Comparative Analysis



Completed doctoral student theses:

A Cultural History of Feminist Cartoons and Comics in Britain from 1970 to 2010: PhD obtained 2017

Adoption and Narrative in the Digital Age: MPhil obtained 2016

What State Are We In? Activism, Professional Feminists and Local Government: PhD obtained 2015

Researching Emotion and Traumatic Memory Through Creative Writing and Psychotherapy: PhD obtained 2014

"How much can a bridge carry?": An analysis of the life stories of Arab Israeli citizen Bibliotherapists: PhD obtained 2014

Life Art/Live Art: A Critical-Visual Study of Three Women Performance Artists and their Documentation: PhD obtained 2013

The Handsworth Times: British Asian Writing: MPhil obtained 2013

Homage or Damage: The Scope and Limitation of Autobiographical Fiction: PhD obtained 2011

Galleries and Drift: A Critical Creative Study of Cornwall: PhD obtained 2011

Arab Women’s Autobiography and Objects Relations Theory: PhD obtained 2005

Lesbian Literatures of Ageing: PhD obtained 2007

Consumer Relations and Contemporary Literature: PhD obtained 2008

Feminist Literature in Arab and Canadian Contexts: PhD obtained 2009

The Anxiety of Feminist Influence: Concepts of Voice and Correspondence: Phd obtained 2009