Photo of Jacqueline O'Reilly

Jacqueline O'Reilly
Professor of Comparative Human ResourceManagement (Management)
T: +44 (0)1273 873540


My research interests are in the field of economic sociology. I am currently working on three key areas:

I am the coordinator of an EU-funded large-scale research project STYLE: Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe and a research partner on NEGOTIATE examining youth employment in Europe.

I am the founding Research Director of CROME: the Centre for Research on Management and Employment at the University of Brighton Business School.

My research focuses on international comparisons of gender and labour market transitions across the life cycle for youth, parents and older workers using qualitative and quantitative methods.

I am finishing a book 'Challenging the Gender Contract: Changing Work and Welfare in Europe' (OUP) funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship.

I have been involved in an ESRC funded project with Manchester Business School, Leeds University and the ILO looking at Fairness At Work.

Copies of some of my research papers are available on, research gate and on my personal website 


Funded research projects

  • EU Horizon 2020 NEGOTIATE: Overcoming early job insecurity in Europe (€2.5 million of which €305K to University of Brighton) (2014-18)
  • EU FP7 Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe: STYLE Coordinator (€4.9 million, of which €760K to University of Brighton) (2013-17)
  • European Parliament Review of Temporary Agency Workers in the UK in collaboration with Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and IZA, Bonn (£7K) (2013)
  • Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship: ‘Challenging the Gender Contract: Changing Work and Welfare in Europe’ (OUP) (£132K) (2009-12)
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science Event: What is Fair Pay? (£1800) Seminar University of Brighton (2012)
  • ESRC Seminar Series: Fairness At Work together with Manchester University (£17K) (2010-12)
  • BSA Work, Employment, and Society Conference for the British Sociological Association successful tender to host the conference at Brighton Business School (turnover income £111K) (2010)
  • ESRC Mentor for First Grant Fellow Dr. Sabina Advagic University of Sussex ‘Employment Performance in Eastern Europe’ (£4,135) (2009-12)
  • EU FP7 Workcare Synergies with (IHS) Vienna (€69,000) (2009-11)
  • EU FP6 STREP funding for Workcare project (€128K) (2006-9)
  • European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop on the concepts of contract and status (€15K) (2005)
  • Anglo-German Foundation ‘Job opportunities for whom?  Labour market dynamics and service sector employment growth in Germany and Britain’ (Research grant €80K) (2001-5)
  • Jean Monnet Fellowship, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (full salary replacement) (2000)
  • EU FP4 Joint co-ordinator with Prof Guenther Schmid Translam: Transitional Labour Markets (€1.1 million) (1996-9)
  • Future of Work Literature review for DGV, (10K Ecus) (1997)
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) (six week visit to WZB) (1993)
  • Nuffield Foundation Small grants for the Social Sciences (research visit France) (1993)

Business Community

  • Santander Universities Grant ‘Youth Transitions in Spain and the UK’ (£10K) together with David Lain, Sue Will and Vicky Richards (Brighton Business School & Institute for Employment Studies) (2010)
  • Thyssen Stiftung Grant (for an international workshop examining part-time employment) (20,000DM) (1996)


  • Post-Graduate Studentship, funded by the University of Brighton, ‘Employment and Retirement Decisions in Denmark and UK’ for doctoral student Karen Hanley (£58K) (2012-15)
  • Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for Dr José-Luis Álvarez-Galván (OECD) to examine qualification mismatch and labour market inequality in Mexico and OECD countries, hosted at CROME. (2012-13)

Doctoral Research

  • ESRC Doctoral Research Studentship (3-year doctoral grant) (1988-91)
  • Leverhulme Scholarship (Study abroad scholarship 18 months in Paris) (1988-90)
  • Peter Kirk Scholarship (research visit to France) (1988)
  • Zaharoff Scholarship (research visit to France) (1988)
  • Scholarship from "Association Française Centres Européens Langues et Civilisations". (1988)