My research is transnational and transatlantic in its scope, and concerned with the aesthetics and politics of transnational imaging practices between Latin America, the U.S. and Spain.  My second monograph about transnationalism across Latin American cinema New Transnationalisms in Contemporary Latin American Cinemas has just come out in paperback (2019). The book focuses on key directors who have facilitated the recent 'boom' in Latin American cinema (Iñárritu, Del Toro, Cuarón, Meirelles, Salles and Campanella) but also incorporates festival and art house directors (Llosa, Martel, Alonso, Gomes, Aïnouz, Eimbcke, Reygadas) whose work is also impacted by transnational flows of capital and creativity.

I've previously written on transnational filmmaking during the classical era focusing in particular on Mexican director Emilio Fernández (2007) and on Fernández's involvement with Hollywood studio RKO and its attempts to co-opt the Mexican film industry and its stars in the immediate WWII era (2011).

Within my continuing research on transnationalism in Latin American cinemas and television individual articles/book chapters have focused on contemporary directors who make deterritorialized cinema (Iñárritu)(2009), as well as on actors from the classical (Pedro Armendáriz) and contemporary (Gael García Bernal) (2017) eras who make films across borders and also looked at television series (the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty la fea) that are translated across borders (to become the ABC 'dramedy' Ugly Betty) (2013). In all cases my work explores how creative and discursive strategies (of acting, filmmaking and racial and ethnic representational norms) may shift or indeed remain constant in their journeys across borders due to the ideological and commercial imperatives of the US and other media industries.

In 2019/2020 I have published a book chapter "Latsploitation" in The Routledge Companion to Cult Cinema and an article in Porn Studies on sexploitation films and politics in Mexico 1968

In 2017/18, in addition to my second monograph I have published a performance study of Gael García Bernal in Motorcycle Diaries (2018). I'm starting work on a new research project on the labour and (in)visibility of Latino/a extras in late sound/early silent Hollywood and a co-edited anthology on Global Exploitation Cinemas. I continue to co-edit Mediático, a collectively authored blog on Latino, Latin American and Iberian media cultures (launched January 2014). The site has recently topped 50,000 readers. Recent posts include a review of Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

In 2016/2017 I published an anthology chapter on Transnational Filmmaking in South American Cinema and a star study of García Bernal and contemporary Latin American stardom.

2014/2015 academic year I published a co-edited anthology (with Deborah Shaw and Ann Davies) The Transnational Fantasies of Guillermo del Toro (Palgrave Macmillan) including a chapter on "Transnational Political Horror in Cronos, El espinazo del diablo, and El laberinto del fauno." I also published a co-edited Cinema Journal In Focus (with Ana Lopez) "Latin American Film Research in the Twenty-First Century" including an essay "Mapping Cult Cinema in Latin American Film Cultures" and an InMediaRes post "Reflections on Film Scholarship and the Internet"



Authored and Co-edited Books:

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(2007) Emilio Fernández: Pictures in the Margins Manchester University Press: Manchester, (re-issued in paperback in 2011)

Selected Publications (to 2007)

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Current and recent doctoral students are writing/have written on:

La huella de lo audiovisual en la cultura ecuatoriana: memorias perdidas,  Gabriela Alemán (Defended May 2003)

Una Epoca Fatal: Mexican Cinema's Death and Rebirth, 1994-2006, Misha MacLaird (Defended May 2009)

Journeys into Perversion: Vision, Desire and Economies of Transgression in the Films of Jess Franco, Glenn Ward. (Defended May 2011)

Virtual Corporeality: Narrative and Spectacle in Hollywood VR Cinema, Emma Withers. (Defended August 2016)

The Distribution and Exhibition of Popular European Film in British cinema, 1960-1975, Adrian Smith (Defended June 2018)