I convene the MA in Media and Cultural Studies and co-convene the MA in Journalism and Media. I teach the core modules, 'Media Theory and Research' and 'Media, Communication and Culture'. I also teach a second year BA module, 'Media, Memory and History', and am currently supervising two doctoral students.

In the past I have taught MA modules in 'European Media in Transition', 'Media, State and Nation', 'Gender and Representation', 'Politics of Gender: Theories and Methods' and BA modules including 'Media and the Public Sphere', 'Literature, Media and Modern Culture', 'Visual Media Analysis', 'Radio', 'History and Theory of the Media', 'European Cinema', and 'News, Politics and Power'. 

I have supervised 10 PhDs to completion (see under Research interests) on questions of media and the public sphere, the role of the media in processes of democratisation, and the emergence of new media, past and present. I would welcome research applications in these areas, as well in media and gender studies, radio studies and sound studies.