Mary is currently working with community groups and arts organisations in the Yorkshire area looking at the traces of industrial and creative communities that survive to become archives of our lived experience. This work includes rephotographic encounters and a range of workshops.

Mary has long been interested in narrative, performance & mediated art.  She is interested in the intersection of performance and digital media and is using her work with Forced Entertainment and the Lee Miller Archives as a point of departure.

In the past few years, Mary has completed a number of research projects including: TRACES of LEE MILLER: ECHOES FROM ST MALO, IMPOSSIBLE GEOGRAPHIES (with Petra Gemeinboeck), THE SOMNAMBULIST (a generative film experiment) and INVESTIGATING IMAGINARY EVIDENCE (a digital project interrogating issues of creative authorship within interactive media). Information about these (and other past projects) can be obtained via email.

Mary trained as a director and, as a result, her work is located in a space shared by performance, interactive media, ephemera and story-telling. After a period spent working with Richard Shechner, Forced Entertainment and others in the worlds of experimental theatre, she spent five years focussing on the creation of photo-real narratives and virtual spaces defined by story fragments. Most of that work was created using photographic virtual spaces (constructed with QuickTime VR technology) to examine moments removed from filmic narratives that have been frozen in time.