• Barbara contributes to a range of courses at UG, Masters and doctoral level. These include the Masters in International Education and Development and the International Education and Development Undergraduate pathway. 

  • Her teaching is informed by her interests in international education, citizenship, youth, gender, as well as poststructural and postcolonial theories, and research methodology.  She currently convenes the following modules:

    • Gender and Identities: Education, Citizenship and Youth (optional module within Masters in International Education and Development, co-convened with Professor Mairead Dunne)

    • Knowledge, Power and Society  (Year 2, Education Pathway)

    • Contexts of Childhood: Communities, Institutions and Societies  (Year 3, BA in Childhood and Youth)

  • Barbara has supervised doctoral students researching education procesess in schooling and higher education contexts in the UK and in the Global South. Current thesis titles of her PhD  students include:

    • An exploration of the production of classed subjectivities of young people in elite schools in India (Suvasini Iyer)
    •  Navigating the 'new South Africa': an ethnographic study of the born free generation in a township in South Africa (Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani)  
  • As a previous Education PhD Convenor (2010 to 2013), Barbara was delighted to have been nominated by Education PhD students for a Sussex Teaching Award in 2011.