My research interests include youth, citizenship and gender. My recent research has focused on youth citizenship in contexts of postcoloniality in the Global South. More broadly, my research has been informed by a concern for how education contributes to student and pupil identity production.

I have conducted both qualitative and mixed methods research and draw on feminist, post-structural and postcolonial theorists to explore issues of power and identity formation. 

Ongoing and Previous Research Projects

  • Gender and citizenship in contexts of postcoloniality (Sussex Research Opportunity Fund), in collaboration with Dr Eric Ananga, University of Winneba, Ghana (ongoing)
  • Troubling Muslim Identities, project directed by Professor Máiréad Dunne, with Dr Naureen Durrani and Dr Kathleen Fincham (ongoing)
  • Women’s Leadership of Higher Education in South Asia, 2013-2014 (funded by the British Council, directed by Professor Louise Morley)
  • Youth as Active Citizens with respect to education and sexual and reproductive health rights (2012-14) (funded by Oxfam Novib/SIDA and directed by Professor Mairead Dunne, with Dr Naureen Durrani and Dr Kathleen Fincham)
  • Exploration of formative assessment within collaborative challenges in Scottish Primary Schools (Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Award 08-0406)
  • Exploration of the career trajectories of newly qualified researchers (funded by the Annual 'Newer Researcher' Prize (2008-9) of the Society for Research into Higher Education
  • Vocational learners and higher education transitions (funded by the British Academy and directed by Dr Sarah Aynsley)
  • The student experience of the viva voce (directed by Dr Paul Yates)
  • Evaluation of Jersey Actioning Formative Assessment (JAFA) with Professor Judy Sebba
  • Internet-Based Assessment (2002-2004) funded by the EU Minerva Action directed by Dr John Pryor and Professor Harry Torrance