Photo of Earl Gammon

Earl Gammon
Lecturer in Global Political Economy (International Relations)
T: +44 (0)1273 873734


Drawing on depth psychology and recent developments in neuroscience, Earl Gammon’s research examines how affect, specifically anxiety and aggression, shapes political-economic behaviour. In this vein, he has theorised the role of anxiety and aggression in the rise and consolidation of nineteenth century market civilization and the embodiment of modern political-economic subjectivity in the form of homo economicus. Also drawing on this affects-based approach, his work has examined contemporary issues including the neoliberal ascendancy, climate change denial and the violence of contemporary financial practice. He also has a continuing interest in post-structuralist approaches to Global Political Economy and IR, having guest co-edited a special issue on Deleuze and Guattari with Julian Reid in the Journal of International Relations and Development.


Doctoral Supervision

I would be happy to consider PhD supervision in the following areas:

  • theories of global political economy and international relations
  • political-economic psychology and subjectivity
  • history of political-economic thought
  • political economy of the environment
  • cultural political economy