Photo of Kamran Matin

Kamran Matin
Senior Lecturer (International Relations)
Key areas: IR theory, revolution, late development, political Islam, Middle East, Iran
T: +44 (0)1273 678248


I am interested in the international dimension of social, political and intellectual development in the context of non-western experiences of modernity. Over the past few years I have been exploring this theme in relation to the Iranian Revolution, Iraqi nation-state formation, and the Kurdish-led project of 'demcoratic confederalism' through a critical application of the concept of uneven and combined development. I am also interested in international theory, historical sociology, 'Third World' revolutionary ideologies/histories, Iranian modernity, and Kurdish politics.

Areas of Research Supervision
I would be interested in supervising PhD research in any of the following broad areas: Marxist international theory and historical sociology, origins and outcomes of modernisation projects (especially in the Middle East), geopolitics of (pre)modern state-formations, (trans)formation of 'political Islams', modern Iran, and the Kurdish (geo-)politics.