Photo of Liz James

Liz James
Professor of History of Art (Art History)
T: +44 (0)1273 873611


Liz James teaches the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

First Year:
Stories of Art: lectures on the "good bits" - Classical and Byzantine art
Objects of Art: lectures on the "good bits" - Classical and medieval art

 Second Year: 

Methods and Approaches in the History of Art

From Statues to Saints: Pagan and Christian Art in Late Antiquity

Final Year

Byzantine Art 843-1204: a Golden Age?

Representing Women in Art

Commemorative Art

Byzantine options on the Art History MA : Power of Images in Byzantium; Art and text in Byzantium

Postgraduate Supervisions
Bente Bjornholt, The use and portrayal of spectacle in the Madrid Skylitzes (Bib.Nac.vitr. 26.2) (jointly with QUB)
Vassiliki Dimitropoulou, The artistic patronage of imperial Komnenian women
Nadine Schibille, Light and Architecture in Byzantium: the case of Hagia Sophia

Helen Rufus Ward, The Liverpool Ivories and 19th-century collecting of Byzantium

Daniel Howells, "Late Antique gold glass", AHRC Collaborative DPhil with the British Museum (Chris Entwistle)

Elza Tantcheva, "Colour and light in the post-Byzantine churches of Arbanassi, Bulgaria"

Iuliana Gavril, "Architecture and contemplation in sixth-century Byzantium"

Wendy Watson, 'Personifications and silverware in Late Antiquity'

Rebecca Raynor, 'St Luke as an artist'


2009-: Neil Churchill, 'Images of Macedonian Emperors'

2011-: Gavin Osbourne: Magic and Floor mosaics

2011-: Engy Eshak: Women in Coptic Egypt

2012-: Carol Hydes: Mosaics in Italy, 13th-165h centuries