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Dr Scherto Gill

Post:Visiting Research Fellow (Education)
Location:ESSEX HOUSE c/o Education
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Dr Scherto Gill is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International Education and an Associate Lecturer. She teaches on both Masters’ and Doctoral programmes. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, an international research institute based in the Southeast of England.

Scherto's research interests centre on understanding peace, human well-being and flourishing as a holistic and dynamic process. The key concepts she is developing include education as peace, human-centred education, narrative pedagogy, dialogic approach to peace education. She is keen to explore how to apply these concepts in the teaching and learning at all levels towards personal and social transformation.

Scherto's doctoral thesis explored intercultural dialogue, and has thus developed the theorisation of intercultural identity and intercultural learning. Through this work, Scherto became interested in using narrative and life history to examine people's experiences of learning, well-being, conflict and peacefulness.

From 2005 to 2014, Scherto was the convener of an MA in Educational Studies programme with a focus on Human-Centred Education. The course also applied biographical approaches to self-understanding and dialogue as pedagogy. Currently Scherto continues to offer a wide range of seminars and lectures on topics around human-centred education, peace education and dialogue-based and relational approach to social research. Her teaching is about supporting students in exploring their own journeys of learning and research inquiry and helping them to become confident educational researchers and practitioners.

As a researcher, Scherto has led research projects worldwide. Here are a few examples of her most recent research. Currently, she is leading a multi-site research exploring how a human-centred approach might help enhance whole person engagement in learning, well-being and ethical relationships in the school communities in the UK, China, Indonesia and Colombia. In 2014-6, she was the principal investigator of a research evaluation on the 'Healing the Wounds of History' programme in Lebanon. In 2013-2015, she directed a research project that collected personal narratives aimed to illustrate individuals’ understanding of what counts as their well-being and how such an understanding might enable them to pursue a flourishing life. In 2013/4, she led a research into education as humanisation and dialogue pedagogy for peacebuilding in post-conflict countries.

Scherto is a member of British Education Research Association and European Society of Research in Education. She is a Fellow of British Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) and an Associate of the Taos Institute. Scherto is a Coordinator of a UNESCO Project 'Healing the Wounds of Slavery', a board member of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, and a trustee of the Lewes New School in the UK.



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Visiting Fellow and Associate Lecturer, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex