I teach the option 'Transnationalism, Diaspora and Migrants' Lives' on the MA Migration Studies, and the second year undergraduate elective 'Postcolonial Africa'.

Current PhD research students:

Chanda Mfula - Democracy and New Social Media in Zambia (Sussex Chancellors Scholarship, 2017)

Selina Pasirayi - Urban Activism in Local Governance in Harare, Zimbabwe: The Case of Residents' Associations 1997-2017 (RGS and Sussex collaborative award, 2016)

Thabani Mutambasere - Diaspaora 'Citizenship' and the Homeland Civic Sphere: Zimbabwean Transnational Political and Philanthropic Practices (2016)

Alikhan Mohideed - Subaltern Cosmopolitanism and Multilevel Governance in Colombo (RGS and Sussex collaborative award, 2016)

Anthony Mwangi - Remittances and the Magic of Education in Kenyan Transnational Diasporic Practices (ESRC, 2014)

Angela Haynes - African Diaspora International Volunteering: Responding to 'Brain Drain' in the Health Professions? (2013)

Etienne  Joseph - Africa in London: Race, Place and Music (2013, Sussex collaborative doctoral award)

Harriet Hughes - Fashion Cities Africa (2014, Sussex collaborative doctoral award with the Brighton Museum)

Recently completed PhDs:

Abdifatah Tahir - Urban Governance, Land Conflicts and Segregation in Hargeisa, Somaliland: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Dynamics (Sussex collaborative doctoral award with OCVP, completed 2017). Now MP in Mogadishu, Somalia.

James Esson - Trafficked West African footballers: representation, race and masculinity (ESRC +3 award, 2013).  Now Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University.

Magali Moreau - Cutting the Heart of Tanzania? Refugees, Livelihoods and Resources - a Political Ecology of Mtabila camp (2012).  Now Lecturer in Human Ecology, University of Fribourg.

Ben Lampert - Nigerian Diaspora Associations in London and their Role in Development (2010).  Now researcher at the Open University.