Photo of Maurice Howard

Maurice Howard
Professor of History of Art (Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies)
T: +44 (0)1273 606755 ext. 2218


Professor Howard teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in interdisciplinary and disciplinary settings:

First year:
Stories of Art

Sites of Art

Exhibition Studies

Objects of Art 

Second year: 

Domestic and Urban identities: Dutch painting in the 17th century

Third year:
Architecture: Theory, Practice and Social Context.

M.A. Objects and Methods (Core Course), Creating the Court: England and France in the 16th century

Postgraduate Supervision

Recently completed PhD candidates:
Margit Thøfner The Bearing of Images: Religion, Femininity and Sovereignty in the Spanish Netherlands 1599-1635 (funded by a Sussex School of Cultural and Community Studies Scholarship).

Wendy Hitchmough Studies in the Symbolism and Spirituality of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Lucy Worsley The Architectural Patronage of William Cavendish, First Duke of Newcastle 1593-1676 funded by English Heritage).

Cristiano Ratti Garden Buildings in Urban and Rural Britain, c.1690-c.1780: Style, Form and Function (funded by the AHRC)

Sandra Steele: King Charles II's Winchester Palace 1683-85.

Recently completed M.Phil candidate:
Christopher Guy The Château Fort in Early Modern France c.1477-1565.

Current  PhD students (provisional titles):
Susan Bracken: Aspects of Collecting in England 1600-1640.

Emily Cole: The State Apartment in the Early Stuart Country House 1603-1640 (funded by English Heritage)

Alden Gregory: Knole: the 15th century archbishop's palace (funded by the AHRC in collaboration with the National Trust)

Edward Town: Knole: the 17th century transformation (funded by the AHRC in collaboration with the National Trust)

Samantha Twomey: Later 17th century ironwork in England: aspects of manufacture and ornament

Through Professor Howard, the Art History Department at the University of Sussex is part of the 'England's Past for Everyone' Project, 2005-7, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and administered by the Victoria County History, University of London. A Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Jayne Kirk, will write an architectural and social history of Parham House, West Sussex, and a volunteer team will undertake projects on the house and estate with the aim of providing information for visitors, schools and local groups.