Main research interests (also for PhD topics):

- Technological change, institutional change, and economic development
- Innovation, occupational choice, and inequality
- Violent conflict and entrepreneurship
- Micro-macro models of structural change, growth, income distribution, and sustainability
- Political economy of science and techology
- International trade and globalisation of agriculture and production
- The ecological impact of innovation and consumption behaviour


Publications (Selected)

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Submitted Working Papers

Ciarli T., Savona M. (2017), “Modelling the Evolution of Economic Structures and Climate Changes: A Review”, mimeo

Savona M., Ciarli T. (2017), “Structural Changes and Sustainability. A Review of the Empirical Stylised Facts”, mimeo

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(Unpublished) Working Papers (Selected)

Ciarli T., Savona M., Thorpe J., and Ayele S., “Innovation for Inclusive Structural Change. A Framework and Research Agenda”, SPRU Working Paper Series (SWPS), 2018-04: 1-35, University of Sussex 

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Book chapters (selected)

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Work in Progress

Ciarli T., Coad, A., Moneta A., “Exporting and productivity as part of the growth process: Results from a structural VAR”

Ciarli T., Marzucchi A., Salgado E., Savona M., “The effect of R&D Growth on Employment and Self-Employment in Local Labour Markets”

Ciarli T., Salgado E., Savona M., “The Heterogeneous Wage Distribution of Labour Productivity Changes"

Pasimeni F., Ciarli T., “Diffusion of shared goods in consumers’ coalitions. An agent-based simulation”

Grodzicki M., Ciarli T., Savona M., “Asymmetries in GVCs: in search of cost- and capability advantages”

Wirkierman A. L., Ciarli T., Savona M., (2017), “Varieties of European National Innovation Systems” EC project deliverable 1.2

Wirkierman A. L., Ciarli T., Mazzucato M., (2017) “An Evolutionary Agent-Based Model of Innovation and the Risk-Reward Nexus”, EC project deliverable 3.3

Wirkierman A. L., Ciarli T., Savona M., “Varieties of Growth Regimes, Structural Changes and Innovation Sys- tems in Europe”

Valente M., Ciarli T., Sapio A., “Distributed Energy Storage Systems. Effects on Demand Volatility”

"The Unresolved Relation between Conflict and Private Enterprise Activity in Low-Income Countries: Contrasting Afghanistan and Iraq'' with Salgado E.

"Inclusive Innovation: Some Questions about Terms of Inclusion,'' with Arora S. and Hielscher S.

“Simulating the Causal Implications of Firms as Bundles of Discrete Resources,” with A. Coad

“Causality between export and productivity growth of firms revisited: Chile 2001-2007,” with A. Coad and A. Moneta, mime(2011) Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena

“The trajectory is on the map, but we miss the pathways,” with I. Rafols and D. Rotolo

“Product variety and economic growth: Trade off between supply and demand dynamics,” with A. Lorentz