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Benno Teschke
Professor of International Relations (International Relations)
Key areas: IR Theory,Historical Sociology, Marxism, International Political Thought
T: +44 (0)1273 606755 ext. 2281 or +44 (0)1273 678892


International Relations Theory, International Historical Sociology, Marxism and Critical Theory, Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Director of the Center for Advanced International Theory:

I am a member of the BISA Historical Sociology Working Group and co-convene, jointly with Samuel Knafo, the Sussex Political Marxism Staff/Student Research Group. For more details on our activities, see


Research Supervision:

I have supervised 11 doctoral students to completion.

  • Completed PhDs:

Dr. Clemens Hoffmann: 'The "Eastern Question" and the Fallacy of Modernity: On the Premodern Origins of Inter-State Order in Southeastern Europe'

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed: 'The Violence of Empire: The Logic and Dynamic of Strategies of Violence and Genocide in Historical and Contemporary Imperial Systems'

Dr. Cherine Hussein: 'Countering an Illusion of Our Epoch: The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel'

Dr. Maia Pal: 'The Politics of Extraterritoriality: A Historical Sociology of Public International Law'

Dr. Andrea Lagna: 'Deriving a Normal Country: Italian Capitalism and the Political Economy of Financial Derivatives'

Dr. Can Cemgil: 'The Dialectic of Foreign Policy and International Relations: A Social Theory of a Disciplinary Gap'

Dr. Oliver Weiss: 'Dependency Theory and Eastern Bloc Trade: Reformulating a Forgotten Paradigm'

Dr. Steffan Wyn-Jones: 'Rethinking Early Cold War US Foreign Policy: The Road to Militarism'

Dr. Nancy Turgeon: ' Revisiting Imperial China's Trajectory in the Context of the "Rise of the West": The Eurocentric Legacy in Historical Sociology'

Dr. Matthieu Hughes: 'The Peculiarities of Universal Banking: Politics, Economics, and Social Struggle in the Making of German Finance'

Dr. Pedro Dutra Salgado: 'The Peculiarities of Brazilian State Formation in Geopolitical Context: Political Marxism and the Challenge of Eurocentrism'


I am interested in supervising doctoral research in the areas of:

  • International Relations Theory - specifically Critical and Marxist IR Theory.
  • International Historical Sociology - specifically theory-led substantive investigations into the relation between capitalism, geopolitics, state-formations, and the interstate system.
  • International Political Thought - specifically German Thought in the 19th and 20th Centuries.