Photo of Dominic Kniveton

Dominic Kniveton
Professor of Climate Science & Society (Geography)
T: +44 (0)1273 877757 or +44 (0)1273 877238


A keen interest in climate vulnerability and impacts studies has run throughout Dominic’s research career. In particular, these studies have tended to have a development focus, with projects on pest management (Todd et al 2002), water and natural resources management (Andersson et al 2003; Kniveton and Todd, 2006; Andersson et al 2006; Kgathi et al 2006; Wilk et al 2006), primate and forest conservation, and migration, conflict and climate change in Africa South America and south Asia (Smith et al 2008; Kniveton et al 2009; Peck et al 2010; Raleigh and Kniveton 2011; Black et al 2011).  A key part of many of these studies has been the integration of concepts and approaches from different academic disciplines to achieve research aims including climate modelling, systems modelling, remote sensing and qualitative methodologies (Kniveton et al 2000; Bellerby et al 2004; Williams et al 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010; Kniveton et al 2008). For example in migration-climate studies his current research has embraced the use of qualitative data and analyses and agent based modelling to complement his scientific expertise. Recognition of his agenda setting profile in this latter field is shown by recent invited participations in international expert group meetings run by various agencies of the United Nations and UK government and his current role as a consultant to the International Organisation of Migration to provide a state of the art review outlining the challenges and approaches to measuring the migration and environment nexus.

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