My research interests lie at the intersection of the anthropology of development and global capitalisms. In particular, my research concerns the role of transnational corporations in development, corporate social responsibility and moral economy, with a focus on the extractive industries and Sub-Saharan Africa. Other areas of interest include: economic empowerment, enterprise and entrepreneurialism; and the role of big business in the political economy of HIV/Aids management. My current research explores 'bottom of the pyramid' approaches to development and concepts of inclusive markets.   I am a co-founder of the Centre for New Economies of Development (, together with Catherine Dloan (Oxford), Jamie Cross (Edinburgh) and Alice Street (Edinburgh).


Anthropology of global capitalisms, corporate social responsibility and development; economic anthropology; development institutions and public-private partnership; extractive industries; labour, HIV/Aids; multi-sited ethnography.

South Africa and the UK



2016 The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility.  New York: Berghahn.  Co-edited with Catherine Dolan.

2011 In Good Company: An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility.  Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press (2011). [Finalist for the Society for Economic Anthropology Book Prize 2012]

Special Issues

2016. Labour, Insecurity and Violence in South Africa. Special Issue, Journal of Southern African Studies  Vol. 42 (5), forthcoming October 2016. Co-edited with Maxim Bolt.

2011  Reigning Responsibility: Ethnographies of Corporate Ethicizing.  Themed Section, Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology Vol. 60.  Co-edited with Catherine Dolan and Christina Garsten (2011).

Journal Articles

2018  Speculative Futures at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 24 (2) (In Press). With Catherine Dolan. 
2016. Hope and Betrayal on the Platinum Belt: Responsibility, Violence and Corporate Power in South Africa, Journal of Southern African Studies 42 (5).
2016. Introduction: Labour, Insecurity and Violence in South Africa, Journal of Southern African Studies 42 (5). With Maxim Bolt.

2016  The Anthropology of Extraction: Critical Perspectives on the Resource Curse. Journal of Development Studies (in press). With Emma Gilberthorpe

2016  Remaking Africa's Informal Economies: Youth, Entrepreneurship and the Promise of Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Journal of Development Studies 52 (4). With Catherine Dolan. 

2016 Expectations of Paternalism: Welfare, Corporate Responsibility and HIV at South Africa's Mines. South Atlantic Quarterly 115 (1).

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Book Chapters

2016  Corporate Social Responsibility. The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Blackwell Wiley (in press).  With Emma Gilberthorpe and Catherine Dolan.

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Jennifer Diggins - Moral discourses of wealth, greed and secrecy in Sierra Leone (ESRC 1+3) COMPLETED 2014

Paul Gilbert - Money Mines: An Ethnography of frontiers, capital and extractive industries  (ESRC +3) COMPLETED 2016

Darius A'zami - Prospects for the (Re)surgence of a Tanzanian Developmental State and the Role of China COMPLETED 2016

Ejiro Onomake - Elite Exchanges: The Cultural Politics of Chinese Business in Nigeria

Sarah-Jane Phelan - 'Banking the Unbanked': Mobile Savings, Poverty and Bottom of the Pyramid Finacnce in Burkina Faso(ESRC 1+3)