Photo of Clive Webb

Clive Webb
Professor Of Modern American History (History)
T: +44 (0)1273 877368


I am interested in all aspects of Anglo-American relations, especially the 'Special Relationship' and transatlantic perspectives on race and ethnicity.

My first book, Fight Against Fear, focused on the reaction of the small Jewish minority in the American South to the black civil rights struggle. A second book, Rabble Rousers, looked at white extremists who used violence to resist civil rights reform. Most recently, I co-wrote with William Carrigan of Rowan University in New Jersey Forgotten Dead, a book that assesses mob violence against Mexicans in the United States.

My current research focuses on the historical relationship between Britain and the United States, including such issues as race, politics and culture. This includes articles on such issues as British reaction to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, African American perspectives on the 'Special Relationship' and the impact of the American civil rights movement on race relations in Britain. 

I welcome hearing from prospective postgraduate students who are interested in pursuing research in Anglo-American relations, British race relations, modern American history and human rights.