Photo of Alexandra Loske

Alexandra Loske
Associate Tutor (Art History)


Art History

PhD research project: 

The Decorative Scheme of the Royal Pavilion: George IV's design ideas in the context of European colour theory, 1765 - 1845.

This DPhil aims to investigate the connection between the decorative scheme of the Royal Pavilion and manifestations of early 19th century Orientalism in the European arts. I am looking at the transition from the neo-classical style of the Marine Pavilion to the later, strongly coloured oriental designs of the Royal Pavilion, and investigate possible European sources of influence. The project considers ideas about colour in interior decoration in the context of colour theory, colour literature and artists' manuals of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

By focusing on European influences and comparing the design and colour ideas of George IV and colour theorists of the time, my project investigates cultural, socio-historical and individual motivations for the George's design decisions. In so doing, I am demonstrating the increasing importance of wider global networks during this period and their implication in the arts.

Her research was supervised by Meaghan Clarke (University of Sussex) and David Beevers (The Royal Pavilion, Brighton).

Other research interests:

Costume in portraiture, Chinoiserie, Chinese export wallpaper, Mary Gartside, Mary Philadelphia Merrifield, George Field, Angelica Kauffman; Brighton's architectural history; German Expressionism; colour literature and print culture; mid-20th century architecture.