I currently co-supervise the following doctoral researchers in Anthropology and International Development:

Shonali Banjeree, The Marketisation of Philanthropy: crowdfunding and philanthrocapitalism in India. 

Kaveri Medappa Kaliyanda, On-demand in the 'Silicon-Valley' of India: work-life experiecnes of 'gig' economy workers in Bangalore. (Chancellor's Fellowship)

Sharmin Mahbub, The Anatomy of Bureaucracy: An Ethnographic Study of the Administrative Elite in Bangladesh.

Belen Martinez Caparros, Women's Empowerment in India: a comparison of microfinance and transport sector initiatives. (ESRC SeNSS-funded)

Richard Thornton, Teachers and entrepreneurs of India’s education non-profits: the intra-active production of neoliberal selves? (ESRC SeNSS-funded)

Annika Klein, Westerners' Migration to India: the role of transnational networks