I specialise in descriptive, theoretical and comparative-typological approaches to grammar. My research focuses on the grammatical description and analysis of African languages including Cameroon Pidgin English, Hausa (Chadic, Nigeria), Awing (Narrow Grassfields, Cameroon) and Kenyang (Non-Bantu Bantoid, Cameroon). I am fortunate to collaborate with a number of researchers both nationally and internationally, including Hannah Gibson (SOAS), Gabriel Ozón (Sheffield), Miriam Ayafor (Yaoundé 1), and Florence Tabe-Oben (Yaoundé 1).

I have supervised Sussex research degrees in the syntax of Tamahaq Berber, English, Farsi, Kenyang, Korean, Kuwaiti Arabic and Setswana, and welcome research degree applications in any area of descriptive grammar (including typological approaches) and/or theoretical syntax.