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Melanie Green
Reader in Linguistics and English Language (English)
T: +44 (0)1273 877167


I specialise in descriptive, theoretical and comparative-typological approaches to grammar. My research focuses on the grammatical description and analysis of African languages. Most recently, I have been working on Cameroon Pidgin English (CPE), primarily a spoken variety. Together with my research collorators Miriam Ayafor (Yaoundé 1) and Gabriel Ozón (Sheffield), I secured British Academy/Leverlhulme funding in 2014 for a two-year pilot project to compile a 240,000-word digital corpus. Consisting of recordings from over 80 speakers, together with transcripts and a word list, it was completed in 2016 and is freely available from the Oxford Text Archive. We are currently working on securing funding for a one-million-word corpus. In 2018, Miriam and I completed a descriptive grammar of CPE

I have supervised Sussex research degrees on the syntax of English, Farsi, Kenyang, Korean, Kuwaiti Arabic and Setswana, and welcome research degree applications in any area of descriptive grammar (including typological approaches) and/or theoretical syntax.