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Yusuf Sayed
Professor of International Education and Development Policy (Education)
T: +44 (0)1273 872876

Selected publications


de Kock, Tarryn, Sayed, Yusuf and Badroodien, Azeem (2018) "Narratives of Social Cohesion”: Bridging the Link between School Culture, Linguistic Identity and the English Language. Education as Change, 22 (1). pp. 1-29. ISSN 1682-3206

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Book Section

Sayed, Yusuf, Motala, Shireen and de Kock, Tarryn (2018) Between higher and basic education in South Africa: What does decolonisation mean for teacher education. In: Jansen, J (ed.) The politics of curriculum: knowledge, decolonisation and curriculum stasis in South Africa. Wits University Press. (Accepted)

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Edited Book

Sayed, Yusuf, ed. (2018) Continuing professional teacher development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781474277891

Sayed, Yusuf, Kanjee, Anil and Nkomo, Mokubung (2013) The search for quality education in post-apartheid South Africa Interventions to improve learning and teaching. HSRC press, Cape Town. ISBN 978-0796924070

Reports and working papers

Sayed, Yusuf, Badroodien, Azeem, Omar, Yunus, Ndabaga, Eugene, Novelli, Mario, Durrani, Naureen, Barrett, Angeline, Balie, Lorna, Salmon, Thomas, Singh, Marcina, Kaleeba, Ali, Bizimana, Barthelemy, Habumuremyi, Jean Marie Vianney, Ntahomvukiye, Claudien, Rwabyoma, Asasira, Rubagiza, Jolly and Utomi, Jane (2018) [Synthesis Report: 2018] Engaging teachers in peacebuilding in post-conflict contexts: Rwanda and South Africa. Project Report. ESRC/DFID Poverty Alleviation Fund.

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