Course convenor of SPRU Master of Science (MSc) in INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ISID)  (2012-2018).

Now retitled MSc in Sustainable Development

Module convenor of SPRU MSc level courses in Innovation and Economic Development; Introduction to Statistical and Research Methods (2009-2017); Statistical Methods for Science Technology and Innovation Studies (2009-2017); Innovation and Industrial Policy (launched in 2018-19); Economics of Innovation (UG, Department of Economics);

Average student evaluation score: 4.3/5.

On-going supervision of PhD students :

Claudia Ruiz Garcia, Thesis title: “Development of Technological Capabilities in SMEs in the Mexican Auto-parts Industry” (awarded with revisions (2013);

Danilo Bianchini, Thesis title: “The employment impact of Eco-Innovation in the Voltaic sector”;

Gabriele Pellegrino (Full time at the IEB, University of Barcelona, 50% share of supervision), Thesis title: “Essays on determinants and effects of barriers to innovation”;

Filippo Bontadini, Thesis title "Trade and Economic Development in Global Value Chains:
Insights from Input-Output Analysis and Customs Transaction Level Data" (2014-2018)

Bernardo Caldarola, on Complexity and Technological Upgrading in the Informal Sector (2017-

Andrea Laplane, on The risk-reward nexus in the Public Private Partnerships in Brazil

Dphil External Examination

2015    “Service Innovation in an Evolutionary Perspective”, By Matthijs Janssen, Technical University of Eindhoven

2013    “An Individual Level Approach to Knowledge Exchange. Empirical Studies in Business and Public Research Organisation”, By Oscar Llopis-Corcoles, University of Valencia.

2011    “Open, Sesame: Open Innovation in the UK and its association with innovation type, company performance, IP protection and innovation barriers” by Alan Bentley Johnson, Birkbeck College, University of London

Dphil Internal Examination

2011   Industrial Dynamics and Technological Structure of the Paper and Pulp Industry, by Alfonso Cruz Novoa.

2009    Changing Innovation Systems in the developing country context: Technology transfer and the new technological capabilities in the material industry in Turkey, by Elif Esin Yoruk.

Teaching in other institutions:

2009 Course on Economics of Services and Innovation in Services at the Grenoble Graduate Business School, France.

2007-2008 Courses on the Economics of Services (30 hours), Economics and Management of Innovation (30 hours), Microeconomics (50 hours course and tutorials), Sectoral Analyses (12 hours), Economic Policy of Innovation in Europe (10 hours) at the Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of Lille 1;

2006-2007 Courses and tutorials on Macro-Economic Dynamics (48 hours), Microeconomics (36 hours), Public Economics (12 hours) and Economics and Management of Innovation (12 hours) at the Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of Lille 1;