Her research interests span an array of sub-disciplines within economics and industrial economics:


  • sectoral structural change and economic growth, emergence of new sectors and impact on growth;
  • international fragmentation of production and global value chains in services
  • economics of innovation and technological change;
  • technical change and income distribution;
  • economics of services and economics of innovation in services;
  • technical change and development


  • sectoral concentration of innovative activities;
  • spatial/regional concentration of innovative activities and regional growth differentials


  • micro-economics and micro-econometrics of innovation (incentives, strategies, obstacles and productivity and employment impact of innovation at the firm level );
  • Community Innovation Survey based analysis.

She is a peer reviewer for:


Cambridge Journal of Economics, Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society, Cliometrica, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Economia Politica, Economics Bulletin, Economics Systems Research, Economies et Sociétés, Energy Economics, Environment and Planning, Eurasian Business Review (member of the Editorial Board), Global Policy Review, Information Economics and Policy, Industry and Innovation, Industrial and Corporate Change, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Services Technology and Management, International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, International Regional Science Review, Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of Innovation Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, Papers in Regional Science, Regional Studies, Research Policy (Advisory Editor), Service Industries Journal, Small Business Economics, Spatial Economic Analysis, Science and Public Policy, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Technovation, Urban Studies.



She is also:


Academic Member of the ESRC Peer Review College.

Expert evaluator for the European Commission Framework Programme.

Peer Reviewer for the ESRC – Economics and Social Research Council.

Peer Reviewer for the Italian Ministry of Research and University.

Research evaluator for the National Bank of Austria.

Research evaluator for the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Research Evaluator for the Fond National Recherche Louxembourg.

Research Evaluator for the Canadian National Research Chairs.  


Council Member of RESER – European Research Network on Services.

Member of REDLAS – Latin American and Caribbean Network on Services Research

Advisory Editor of Research Policy

Member of the Editorial Board of the Eurasian Business Review and Economia Politica