Peter Cheng's research spans:

  • Cognitive science of representational systems / Knowledge visualization:
    • Cognitive processing underpinning the use of graphical representational systems.
    • Information visualization / visual analytics in conceptually demanding domains.  
    • Design and evaluation of novel diagrams and notations systems to support higher forms of cognition, such as complex problem solving, conceptual learning and discovery.
    • Design and evaluation of novel graphical interfaces for information intensive tasks.  
    • Science and mathematics learning and instruction.  
  • Cognitive learning analytics:
    • Measurement of competence in conceptually rich domains using millisecond behavioural signals in writing and drawing.   
    • Underpinning cognitive processes of writing and drawing.
    • Methods and tools for graphical protocol analysis.
  • Cognitive science of tactile graphics and haptic interaction:
    • Nature of the cognitive processes of reading by touch.
    • Design and evaluation of novel graphical materials for people with visual impairment
    • Design and evaluation of novel touch interfaces for portable devices.
    • Methods and tools for graphical protocol analysis.
  • Symbolic cognitive modelling of problem solving with graphical representations.  
  • Cognitive biometric user authentication:
    • Analysis of individual mental structures using millisecond behaviour signals. 

He is Director of the Representational Systems Lab.