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Screensavers enable messages to be flashed up on computer screens when the computer is idle.

The full-screen version currently appears on the computers of administrative staff - which is mainly people in Sussex House, Bramber House and the Hastings Building - and on staff computers in certain schools and departments.

Staff using Windows 7 PCs - currently most academic staff - see rolling messages on the top of their computer screens.

The aim is for IT Services to roll out screensavers across campus so that they appear on the screens of all University computers used by staff and students.

Criteria for screensavers

Messages should be:

  • from a University member of staff or student
  • information connected to the University (for example, an open meeting coming up, a lecture or a play by a student drama society)
  • of interest to and/or open to all
  • high-profile and University-wide

The screensaver is not an events diary and will not list every event taking place on campus.

How to request a screensaver

Just email

Ensure messages are brief, as the screensavers are up for only about 5-10 seconds each in every rotation. A main headline and one or two lines worth of text are all that can really be fitted into the template and easily read.

Don't forget to say when you would like the message mounted and, later, taken down.

If we judge that your message meets the criteria for a screensaver, we will enter your text into a template and mount it.

More information

Call ext. 8888, or email