Communications and External Affairs

All-staff labels

University teams or groups sometimes wish to send out information to all staff through the internal post.

Human Resources can produce sticky labels with the campus addresses of each individual staff member.

How to get all-staff labels

One-off requests for labels

Contact the personnel officer for your unit explaining the content of your mail-out and who it's for, etc. The officer will then seek authorisation from Human Resources that the Data Protection Act allows such a mail-out to all or some staff.

If Human Resources authorise the mail-out, they will run off the labels for you to pick up.

Requests for labels to be used regularly (eg a newsletter or annual mail-out)

Email Leila Leam ( - HR IT Systems Administrator) explaining the nature of the mail-outs and a list of staff in your unit who will need access to the database in the first instance. Leila will then seek authorisation from Human Resources for that unit to have access to the all-staff labels database.

If this is approved, the designated staff in your unit will be able to produce labels themselves from their own offices. Human Resources will instruct IT Services to add these staff to the labels database. ITS will then contact your unit.

Why a request might be refused

Human Resources may decide that certain units, or communications, do not fulfil data protection criteria. Organisations that are not fully part of the University (say in partnership with Sussex or located on campus) might not be allowed access to the labels database. In this case, labels might be printed from the database and given to the unit. Human Resources may decide that only certain groups of staff can be accessed.

Even if Human Resources allow a unit access to the labels database they may decide, from time to time, to check what that unit is sending out to ensure it still meets data protection criteria.

More information

Contact your personnel officer or Leila Leam on