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ATLAS paper includes Sussex leadership

Observed and expected 95% CL limit contours for chargino and neutralino production simplified model scenarios.The 95% CL upper limit on the production cross-section is also shown.Interpolation is used to account for the discreteness of the signal grids.

An ATLAS paper with Sussex leadership was published on 25 April 2012 on the high-energy physics paper archive (arXiv) and submitted to a high-impact journal.

The paper presents first results from searches for weak production of charginos and neutralinos into "trilepton" final states with missing transverse energy, using the ATLAS detector. Charginos and neutralinos are particles whose existence is postulated by supersymmetry (SUSY), which is in turn a theory for new physics that we hope to discover at the LHC. Observations in data are consistent with Standard Model expectations and we set stringent limits on the mass of certain supersymmetric particles.

See the arXiv reference.

Dr Antonella de Santo, Reader in Experimental Particle Physics was editor of the paper and Dr Tina Potter, Postdoctoral Research Fellow was the "lead analyser" at ATLAS. Stewart Martin-Haugh, a student at Sussex, was also involved.


By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Thursday, 9 May 2013